The following strategies are being used to realize the Centre’s objectives:

Youth Groups’ Formation

The strategy is being explored to ensure sustainability of the various programmes mounted by the Centre. The strategy emphasizes the youths’ organizational building and development by mobilizing and facilitating the youth that want to participate in the Centre’s programmes to form themselves into groups in line with the Centre’s guidelines.

Institutional Affiliation and Linkages

This strategy is being explored to provide space for any youth who may be interested in the Centre’s apprenticeship supports and scholarship awards. The Centre will be willing to sign a memorandum of understanding with any credible vocational centre that will be willing to admit any of its participants as an apprentice. It will also ensure a very strong linkage with any educational institution of its scholarship awardees to facilitate proper monitoring.

Promoting Savings and Revolving Credits

This strategy is to build the youth financial capacity through culture of saving in order to facilitate a financial pool for credit facility among the youth group.

Training and Education for Empowerment

This strategy is a major tool for ensuring attitudinal and behaviour change in the process of capacity building and youth empowerment. This is being explored through the use of multi media and communication resources (printed and electronics media), peer education and experiential methodologies. The Centre uses its Partners, Fellows and Volunteers as Programme Officers in implementing most of its programmes, while the resource persons are employed for training on a part time basis.


The Centre facilities include:

  1. Olajumoke Hall for hosting small groups of 50 participants for meetings, seminars and workshops.
  2. A coordinating office space
  3. Youth educational documentations
  4. Computers and accessories.
  5. Multimedia Projector
  6. Olajumoke Hall (Front View)

    Olajumoke Hall (Back View)

Demonstration sites of some entrepreneurial activities.

Demonstration Concrete Pond for Training

Demonstration Snairy for Training

Demonstration Poultry for Training