This is African Center for Rural Youth Empowerment (ACRYE).

An NGO empowering the youth for a decent livelihood.

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African Centre for Rural Youth Empowerment (ACRYE) was initiated and presented by Dixon Olutade Torimiro as his country’s action programme during his participation at theGerman Government/FAO’s sponsored 21st International Rural Youth Leaders Training Workshop held in the Bavarian Farmers’ Union Training Centre, Herrsching, Germany between June and July, 2002.


African Centre for Rural Youth Empowerment (ACRYE) is a holistic development initiative for creating opportunities for young men and women residing in rural communities of Nigeria by empowering them for a decent livelihood, through a group-oriented capacity building, skill development and entrepreneurial endeavours..


To develop and promote ideas and/or organize programmes and/or engage in activities that will enhance adequate development of rural youth either solely or in collaboration with government agency, non –governmental organisations, community based organizations, international and/or foreign agencies.


  • Talents and Entrepreneurship Development (TED)
  • Apprenticeship Support (AS)
  • Small Business Support Scheme(SBSS)
  • Skills Acquisition Training (SAT)
  • Scholarship Awards(SA)
  • Partnerships and Fellowships(PF)
  • Guardian and Couseling(G&C)

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What We Offer 

ACRYE offers the underlisted programmes in response to the critical empowerment needs of young men and women based in the rural communities as revealed in the preliminary situational analysis of the rural youth in southwest Nigeria. The programmes are as follows: Talents and Entrepreneurship Development (TED), Apprenticeship Support (AS), Small Business Support Scheme (SBSS), Skills Acquisition Training (SAT), Scholarship Awards (SA), Partnerships and Fellowships (PF), Guardian and Couseling (G&C).

Talents & Entrepreneurship Development

This Programme is designed to discover the participant’s hidden talents and develop such talents in a way that it will meet his or her entrepreneurship needs that will enable him or her to earn a decent and sustainable livelihood.

Apprenticeship Support

This Support offers opportunity to any rural youth that is interested in learning any locally available vocation or trade for which he or she has no financial support. The participant will be enrolled as an apprentice and established in any vocation of his or her interest within the locality with the financial support of ACRYE.

Small Business Support Scheme

This Scheme aims at providing small credit facility to any participant (with no capacity to access credit from formal financial and commercial institutions) with a small viable business for which he or she requires small credit support for expansion.

Skills Acquisition Training

The Centre offers series of skills acquisition training programmes for capacity building and transformation using peer educators, experiential methodologies and interactive participatory approaches. The training offers exposition on exploration of rural resources, leadership development, group management techniques, improved farm practices, poverty alleviation techniques, life enhancement and sex education, HIV/AIDS prevention, income generating/ entrepreneurial activities, information and communication management technologies among

Scholarship Awards

The Centre aims at awarding scholarship to rural youth in any educational institution who are proven to be very good academically but financially challenged.



OSEF was instituted on the 16th October, 2010 in honour of Sister Olajumoke Torimiro-Oloyede by his children on her 70th birthday anniversary in recognition of her passion for educational development of children, even though she was not priviledged to be highly educated. The Fund is being managed by a Board chaired by a member of the Board of Trustees of the Centre and comprising of two representatives of Sister Olajumoke Torimiro-Oloyede immediate family and two eminent Nigerians appointed by the Centre. The fund is expected to be sustained through donations, gifts, investment, fixed deposits, etc.

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Guardian & Counseling Services

ACRYE offers Guardian and Counseling services on any issue confronting the youth.

Partnerships &Fellowships

ACRYE offers opportunities to any credible individual or corporate organisation who may be interested in participating in its programmes in the capacity of a Partner or Fellow.